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Your Big Day!

Laughing Dog Productions wants to make sure we capture your day the way you have always envisioned it. To do so we have put together a short guide of things to make sure you discuss with your vendors before your big day.

First, if you can- hire a wedding planner. If its not in your budget or just not your thing, make sure you have a reliable team of bridesmaids or family that can help with the logistics of the day.

Make sure that your reliable team (wedding planner or best buds) have the following things under control:

Everything that is seen-Entryway tables, flowers, table settings, photo booths etc

And everything that is unseen- the logistics, where people need to be, timelines, vender expectations (what pictures or video you want to make sure to have captured). Make sure they know the dress code or attire ahead of time.

Depending on venue some of this coordination can be provided so make sure to check in with your venue.

Most importantly, keep an open mind! Nothing always goes as planned. Your day will be wonderful even if some of the details go awry.

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