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Camera lens for videography
photo of Marcos and wilbur the wildcat

Marcos Vidal, b. 1989,

Based in Tucson, Arizona, USA

Marcos Vidal, a native Tucsonian, attended the University of Arizona to study film and television. His production company, Laughing Dog Productions, aims to provide quality media services and productions that showcase the powerful vision and talent found within Tucson.

Laughing Dog Productions was founded in 2004 by three friends - Marcos, Danny, and Andrew Rees - who came together out of a shared passion for creating videos and recording events in Andrew's humble Tucson home. Tragically, Andrew passed away in 2009 after battling leukemia. To honor his legacy, Andrew's parents Margie and Dwight Rees started The Gut Check Foundation (

From small beginnings, Laughing Dog Productions has grown to take on ambitious projects like feature films, music videos and live event coverage. Driven by creative passion and commitment to their community, Marcos and his team capture the vibrant spirit of Tucson.


wedding film award
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