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When do I get to see my wedding?

Answer: 3-4 weeks you receive an edited draft for your revision.


Do I get a DVD or a USB drive?

Answer: No DVD, but we do offer an external HD of the wedding video in some packages. Raw video can be provided in case something was left on the cutting room floor. Please note that Raw footage is only available for a limited time after approving the final edit. Raw video is not included in all packages so please request this if you would like. The cost is $650 and can be added to any package.


How can I see my video?

Answer: We provide a link using the mediazilla platform. This makes your video a digital DVD that you can share with menus. The video is available on email, web, Appletv, Roku, and many streaming devices.


Can I share my video with anyone?

Answer: Yes, using the digital DVD with unlimited people.


Will my wedding be saved somewhere in case I lose the link?

Answer: Yes, mediazilla ensures a lifetime guaranteed on the video’s availability.


Can I download my video?

Answer: Yes using the download icon on the link you were sent.


How many edits can I request?

Answer: Two revisions with unlimited edits are provided with all projects that include editing. Beyond two you will be billed accordingly.


How am I sure you will capture everything during my wedding?

Answer: Capturing every detail is what we strive for. Filming weddings and live events are tricky; we don’t always capture every detail, but we sure try. What helps is planning with the videography team to make sure we understand where and when things are happening. It also helps if you have samples of things you like in our videos or others. Filming weddings for over 19 years we have seen it all. Luckily we film with multiple cameras on all packages, so in case of a technical failure we have redundant coverage to help. Our team learns every year and we get better as our experience grows.


How long have you worked in filming weddings? How many do you do per year?

Answer: 20 years and our team completes 20-30 weddings or video projects in one calendar year.


Do you have audio equipment to capture our vows clearly?

Answer: Yes, we use professional audio devices and microphone systems to capture clear audio even when the DJ mic or ceremony microphones are not working the best. We do this during the ceremony by placing a microphone on the officiant or religious figure. As a safety we place a microphone on the groom to capture the bride and groom or any combination.


What cameras do you use?

Answer: We update our cameras frequently and we use HD and 4K cinema cameras.


Can I choose my own Music?

Answer: Yes, send me a list of your jams and we will use them where you/we think is best.


Are there any other pros you like to work with?

Answer: Yes, our “people we like” section on the contact page and has many venues and vendors we work well with. The list is endless with wedding professionals; luckily Tucson has a great pool of talented and respectful people.


How would you describe your style?

Answer: Cinematic with a splash of documentary. Some brides have requested us to get creative and create custom videos using styles they like. Style is a tricky idea when talking about video and art. It evolves, but we try to be consistent with what we think looks good and based on years of feedback from brides what works and doesn’t work.


How does your pricing work?

Answer: We have a recommended package list on the services page, but every wedding is unique. We have brides that want their video to look like an Office episode, academy award film or an MTV reality TV show. The price is established with the sales team based on what is needed for the wedding. 


Have you ever worked with my photographer?

Answer: Probably……Its a small world and even smaller with 20 years of doing weddings. We can discuss this when collecting details for your big day.


Have you filmed at my wedding ceremony or reception venue?

Answer: Chances are yes. Ask us and we can let you know. At a new venue we arrive early to scout the area out and ensure we understand the layout.


Will you be filming other weddings on my wedding day?

Answer: Maybe, our team is comprised of 6 team members, and we get double booked at times. We have plenty of equipment and talent for two weddings in one day. 


Will there be a second person filming?

Answer: Based on the package you select. The wedding will be filmed by multiple cameras, but some packages consist of one videographer and others have 2 and 3.

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