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Why Get Married? Let Me Count The Ways!

Are you on the fence about getting married? Well wonder no more! Here are three totally serious and not at all silly reasons why you should absolutely tie the knot.

Reason 1: You Need That Tax Break, Baby

Marriage is basically one big tasty tax deduction. The government will reward you just for saying "I do!" Think of Uncle Sam as your wedding officiant, bringing you together to get a little richer. Those sweet, sweet tax breaks will basically pay for your whole Hawaii...first class...with an ocean view...and one of those little umbrella drinks with the pineapple wedge. Uncle Sam loves love!

Reason 2: It's Way Easier To Remember One Anniversary

You're really bad at remembering anniversaries, but your partner loves celebrating them. No problem - get married and you'll just have one anniversary to keep track of! You can even set a recurring calendar reminder on your phone so you never forget your special day. Go you! Your partner will be so impressed that you remembered your anniversary this year (after forgetting it the past 3 years.)

Reason 3: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Peer pressure works! All your friends are getting married and having kids. You don't want to be left out, do you? Maybe they'll stop inviting you to barbecues and dinner parties if you stay stubbornly single. Do you really want to be that sad, lonely person at home on a Saturday night while all your married friends live it up? FOMO is real, my friend. Give in and marry that special someone before it's too late!

So there you have it - three completely sensible, logical reasons to take the plunge and get hitched. Your bank account, your partner, and your social life will thank you. What are you waiting for? Go pop the question and live happily (and frugally) ever after!

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