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Why Man's Best Friend Deserves a Spot at your Special Day.

I regretfully admit that I am a woman who absolutely fits the millennial cliché of treating my dog like a human child. Because dogs are such an important part of our lives, shouldn't we find a way to either honor or include them on the best day of our lives?

Here are 3 ways to include your dog on your wedding day:

Don't have a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer? You do now! Use your dog(s) to fill those roles!

Use your dog as inspiration for your Signature Drinks!

  • Not only does this give people a simple menu of what to order at the bar, but it also adds to the aesthetic of the evening with beautifully unique signs.

Bring your pup for pictures, and make sure they look their best!

  • Looking for something for your dog to wear for pictures? Etsy is the place to go. Many specialty shops craft intricate wreaths for dogs to wear. There are also fanciful tuxedos and veils for your dog, in case you want them to match you!

Here are some things to consider before bringing your dog to your wedding:

  1. Are there any guests who are allergic to dogs?

  2. Will the venue allow them?

  3. Who is going to clean up for your dog?

  4. Will they need to be fed throughout the course of the evening?

  5. If not you, who will take care of them that night?

  6. Will your animal be overwhelmed by the crowd of people?

Having your dog at your wedding might make it feel more complete, but it does add in a few extra elements to plan. Whether you bring your dog to your wedding, or leave them home and honor them in another way, there are many creative ways to include your pup on your wedding day!

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