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Drive 60 miles on highway 70 then a left into the Dunes......These were directions from Las Cruces, NM to a place only compared to heaven. Except for streets of gold there were cool beads of sand and relentless sun.

A blissful blind in the White Sands National Park. This wedding reminded me of my partnership with the Saguaro National Park. After a year with COVID this wedding was a great kick-off into normality. Every time our team travels for wedding to a remote location there are moments when we are uncomfortable. This struggle to be creative while managing the craft drives more creativity. It was a pleasure and gem of an experience to help save the day!

We hope you enjoy this as much as our team did capturing it. Please see our Services page to learn more about destination weddings. Connecting with the bride and spending time with the family and friends helps our team develop an intimate memory of the day.

-The Laughing Dog Team

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