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2021 Refresh!

Happy Friday! Keep your eyes peeled on our website as a few new offerings will be added along with several highlight videos from 2020.

We hope this year is a refresher for everyone and you can enjoy some fine video from our Tucson brides. We were able to do some really special videos given the constraints we had on us due to COVID. Our COVID weddings were all a success and our staff remained healthy and safe.

To give you some insight on the newest product; it is a premium highlight video. Currently our highlight videos contain the greatest moments from our feature edit and so many customers are enjoying them. We are not discontinuing this edit, but rather for brides that seeking a little more cinematic appeal we have this.

The goal of the Premier Highlight is to create a video so stylized and sleek that Kim Kardashian would approve. Speaking of Kim; all the single men will be missing from the wedding dance floor as they run for LA to chase Kim...

Enjoy your weekend and remember to Laugh. Live. Love.

Thank You

-Marcos Vidal

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