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What your wedding dessert says about you as a couple.

*Please Note: None of this is backed by science or psychology.


You probably had a deep side part for a couple years in the 2000s. You even may have considered having your bridal party wear converse and bow-ties.


You are a traditional couple. You probably have or will have golden retrievers in the future. People enjoy you because they know you are consistent and reliable.


One or both of you are probably gluten-free. Stay strong my friends.


You are down to earth and know what people want. There’s a no-fuss aspect to you that makes you everyone's favorite couple. Keep up the good work my chocolate chip friends. But, I take back all of these nice things if the cookies are/were oatmeal raisin. You have no place here.

No Dessert:

You have no regard for human life. You probably go to CrossFit 5 times a week and run a marathon on thanksgiving morning. People genuinely enjoy you, but your lack of Dessert might make people wish they responded, "Politely Decline" to your RSVP.

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