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Weddings in a post-corona era

Walking in down the aisle with crowds around you, mix floral arrangements at each end. People in aw while you flex in your custom designed Vera dress. You've invited all your loved ones and friends; yes even your uncle who can't stop filming everything with his cellphone.

The birds are chirping and you go to hug your "STOP 6 feet!""Grandma; I love you." Lets face the sad truth about weddings. They may never be the same; at least not until we find a vaccine for COVID-19. Raise your hand if you're over reading that word over and over again. (Wish I could insert emojis).

Now what? How are weddings and a tradition of love supposed to be shared if I can't hug grandma (Nana; one time for the southwest!) This isn't going away anytime soon, so while I don't pretend to know what is sanitary and right/wrong. I will say working as a videographer I have seen it ALL! Wild hand licks to fix Jr's hair to a bridesmaid's eating a corn chip off the floor. A few things will change and I will note them in a few points.

First--reconsidering the guest list. Operating in a digital space and providing services that make it easier for people to enjoy the wedding could never be better. Maybe grandma doesn't come to the wedding if she is a high risk factor. It's an awful notion to consider, but something of this magnitude will be solved with modern medicine. It's take time.

Second--custom sanitary items, provide your wedding guests with decorative N95 masks. Invest in 3M people; they are going to make a mint in the next year. Having these will make your wedding guests safe and comfortable. On this note; small custom labeled Purell would be super cute.

Three--venue co-operation, your venue strives to serve you. I worked in hospitality for 8 years before doing video production and planners/venue coordinators will do ANYTHING. They are the reason for much of my heartache sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. They are your ally for the most important day of your life. Communicate in advance your expectations and walk the property with them to point out potential sanitary risks. Sitting charts may need to segregated and spaced differently based on age.

I hope this post finds you all well! I didn't talk much about video, but it goes without saying. You hire us to save the day! We create a cinematic experience using video and if need be we have the capabilities to stream a ceremony. We don't advertise this because it isn't a primary service we provide, but ask us and we will find a solution. Love thy Videographers and until next time.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Stay HEALTY!

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