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Universal language of music

Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” – Johnny Depp

Music is a large part of the visual medium we create. When making a wedding video our team selects from a library of music that is royalty-free. We basically pay to have access to this, but we also use music that you the bride/groom requests. We have selected our top 5 wedding highlight songs both royalty-free and copyrighted.

1. Electric – Jane & The Boy (

2. All of Me – John Legend (

3. Love Is Where You Are – Kadesh (

4. Sugar – Katrina Stone (

5. Sugarsweet – Zach Sorgen (

Fitting the right music for the right couple is one of the most creative parts of making the video. We spend an entire day capturing candid moments to later craft a video that is memorable. Music is more than half of creating something special. You should give as much feedback as possible when having your wedding video created. It can create a very different tone with the music alone.

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