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Taking My Talents to South Beach

...excited to be joining the Laughing Dog team!

If you read the last post you may be wondering "Who is The Real Rich Gary? Is there a Fake Rich Gary? Am I spending too much time online?" My name is Richard Aguirre. I'm a Tucson native. About 6 years ago I began performing stand-up and improv comedy. This eventually led to me creating and producing vlogs, sketch comedy videos and all kinds of content on YouTube and social media. Years of mispronouncing and misspelling of my last name led me to shorten my name and adopt a stage name "Rich Gary, @therealrichgary online.

I have a passion for video production not just on camera but behind the camera and computer well. I love geeking out on gear, writing & editing scripts, improving on the spot, all of it! For years I wanted to create videos even before I ever tried live comedy performance.

Now, Im going to keep going.
I know what I want and I can't wait to do more!

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