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Rain, Rain Don't Go Away

It is monsoon season here in the southwest and we are stoked! Tucson summers are long and hot. But it is all worth it for the few weeks every year when we get giant rain storms.

The North American monsoon, variously known as the Southwest monsoon, the Mexican monsoon, the New Mexican monsoon, or the Arizona monsoon is a pattern of pronounced increase in thunderstorms and rainfall over large areas of the southwestern United States and

And when we say pronounced increase, we mean PRONOUNCED. Every day this week we have watched as the clouds build, the humidity increase and the wind start. You hear the thunder rolling in and see the lightening in the distance. And then before you even know it the rain is here. Sometimes it starts with light drizzles and other times it is a full on down pour from the onset.

The amount of rain is impressive. It can turn streets into rivers. If you are here to experience one, follow local Tucsonans lead and seek cover and wait out the storm, watching in a bit of awe.

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