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So the internet says making a blog will help us create a better online presence. The best part of creating wedding films is being apart of a larger community. I recently completed my long awaited degree from the University of Arizona. Congratulations to all the graduates of 2019.

Learning more about the community through my research in Tucson has given great value to my personal love of my community and also my work. I hope this blog will not only enhance my abilities to create meaningful wedding films, but be a platform for collaboration.

So from here on out I am making a pledge to create two blog posts a week to see what we are up to. If any one has any suggestions or constructive feedback I am all ears. My favorite quote is from Socrates; "I know nothing, but my own ignorance."


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Aug 20, 2019

Wow, cool to see you have a blog now. I'm looking forward to the horror movie.

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