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How to be your own Bridal Glam Squad

Between venues, photographers, food, and flowers, weddings are quite the financial undertaking. With all that money spent, here are some ways a bride can save when it comes to glamming up for the big day.


Ditch the lash extensions and choose an at-home alternative:

1. Lashify

Lashify is the original at-home lash extension kit. The control kit costs around 145 dollars. While this price is similar to lash extensions, the entire kit gives enough lashes for months. Getting lash extensions can take 2-3 hours. Putting on a set of Lashify lashes can take as little as 10 minutes. With nearly a dozen different lash styles and lengths to try, ditching salon lash extensions for your wedding is a no-brainer.

2. KISS Falscara

Falscara is the first drugstore dupe for Lashify, and retails around 25 dollars for the starter kit. Lashify lovers are largely saying that Falscara is the perfect dupe, with very minimal differences.


At-home nail salon:

If you have a UV nail light at home, these Ohora or Dashing Diva Glaze nail stickers are perfect for your big day. The stickers come in an assortment of beautiful patterns and colors. Both brands are available on amazon. Dashing Diva is also available at most Ulta locations.

  • For best results, consider curing your nail under the UV light more than one time. One Amazon reviewer said that her Ohora nails stayed put for 3 weeks after curing them 3 times each.


For the daring: DIY Balayage

This budget shortcut is not for the faint of heart, especially when it comes close to the big day. Consider doing this a month or so in advance, in case anything goes wrong.

Madison Reed is a trusted brand that has blended salon quality with at-home color. Their balayage kit is the perfect way to touch up highlights before the big day.

  • The kit comes with bleach, toner, and a wand to perfectly place balayage.

  • Also consider buying a balayage comb from amazon. This will help to perfectly distribute the highlights and avoid stripy hair.

  • The Kit is available online or at most Ulta Locations


Get a Glow from the Inside-out!

Want glowing skin for the wedding day? Consider the following masks, as well as these pills that are renown for giving glowing skin from the inside out!

Jane Iredale Skin Accumax Pills

  • These pills have glowing reviews. With nearly 100 reviews on amazon and 4.5 stars, these pills are an affordable option to get your skin wedding-ready, from the inside-out!

Ditch sun bathing for self-tanning

  • Consider a self-tan from amazon. Bondi Sands is highly rated and is included in Prime Shipping!

  • Be sure to shave and exfoliate prior to self tanning. The smoother the skin, the smoother the tan!

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