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Hanging with the Buds

So, it's the big day. The Bride and bridesmaids have a day full of hair and make up and good old fashioned girl time. But what do the groom and his buddies spend the day doing? Maybe make up and hair but more likely they are wanting to spend the day hanging out and doing things they enjoy. Here are a few ideas of ways to spend the wedding day before you are due to get ready for the ceremony:

A round of golf.

If you chose this option, drink plenty of water and WEAR SUNSCREEN. The last thing you want is a funny tan line or sunburned face to meet your bride at the end of the isle.

Axe throwing or find some go carts.

These activities can be indoors if you are worried about heat or the sun and competitive.

Gun range or fishing.

Spend sometime sporting with your boys.


Head to the barbershop with your boys for some R&R.

Whatever it is that you decided to spend the day doing, make sure you make it to the church on time!

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