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Goodbye 2020 and Goodbye DVDs

COVID-19.....what a crappy year. Luckily our team was privileged enough to get several opportunities to capture some amazing moments. Visit out page to see a few highlights.

This posting comes at a time when Xmas is only hours away and we experiencing the holidays in a different way. Please keep in mind that life is short and health should be the priority of all our lives we should also find moments to connect with others.

A few changes are happening with our team; Michael Schuette and The Real Rich Gary are joining the Laughing Dog team. Their contributions will serve the Tucson community well with their expertise and experiences. This team will operate as usual with the limited presence of Marcos Vidal. Marcos is pursuing other aspirations and has for the past year. Moving forward Rich and Mike will be the names and faces to be seen.

Why is DVDs in the title? The vendor that helps the LDP team with creating first-class digital DVDs is no longer supporting hard copy DVDs. We are finding a new solution utilizing USB drives for delivering a final product. These updates will be announced when available. No worries however; mediazilla is continuing to support all digital libraries including your wedding videos.

I hope this message finds everyone well as we say goodbye to 2020 and ring in a new year!

Thank You for your continued support!

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