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Fresh outta college.

Updated: May 15, 2021

What does a college degree mean for a young Tucson filmmaker in during a pandemic?

For me, it means that my relationship with LDP Studios is the key to fulfilling my creative needs.

As a young college grad trying to make a name for myself, i've learned that the relationships that you build will always surpass your technical ability.

"Don't know how to run sound?" Marcos Vidal knows a guy.

"Where can I submit my short films to win a festival?" Marcos Vidal knows a guy.

When people ask me what my goals are for 2021, I know that making new friendships and finding new mentors is at the top of my list and Marcos Vidal has always been an inspiration for this.

When somebody asks, "Do you know any good filmmakers in Tucson" I want my name to be at the top of that list with LDP in 2021. My goal is to be the best!

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