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FAQ: What should I expect to pay for a wedding video?

Updated: May 29, 2022

Pricing for video services varies on what your wedding day has planned. Are you getting married at one venue? Are there multiple locations; do you need two videographers to be in two separate places at once? How many angles do you need for the ceremony?

Many times as videographers we hear photographers mentioned in tandem with video. This couldn’t further than the truth because of the nature of what video is. Video as you know is a moving image, so editing a blemish isn’t just a few clicks away; it could be several edits.

Video also encompasses sound and the sequence of video clips in a specific order. The science and craft of editing and the many techniques might bore you, so we won’t go down that road. What I will do is provide some simple tips on what to expect when pricing out video services and what to ask for.

What does the timeline look like?

  1. If you’re wanting the videographer to be with you during makeup and hair at 10am beware that they are working a physically demanding job filming. They might not be as sharp around 7pm or 10pm when you have that sparkler sendoff.

  2. Based on what is happening during your day may require an additional videographer or editing.

  3. Each event or activity on your wedding day may be an added expense of time for editing or needing another sound or staff member for the video team

What is in your budget?

  1. Videographers have equipment like what is used in large budget Hollywood films. A videographer can achieve very high production value for wedding and with that comes rentals and additional team members needed.

  2. It’s important to understand the limitations of a videographer and the money spent.

Special Requests

  1. Most wedding videographers include what is normally in a wedding party or event. If you have a special tea ceremony or a multi-day wedding this is not something that most brides are doing in American. If you have a special activity its important to voice those early on when discussing the wedding video.

  2. So you have a dance to N’Sync planned where the entire wedding party is performing to “It’s Gonna Be Me”. Brilliant idea, but this should explained, so the video team can capture accordingly. Also express what you have envisioned; if you want to see everyone all the time or you want a closer video to see the expression of the dancers faces more. Also note if you want to see the audience/wedding guests.

In short there are many variables, and many were not covered, but you should expect for basic coverage of 6-8 hours and one edited video to be around $2500. In my experience if you’re asking one person to film for 8 hours in one day with one camera and they are charging you below $2500 they may be stretching themselves to thin for this and the video will show this.

Our packages vary from what we see in the market; what is selling the most and what brides want from us. When we started making wedding films 17 years ago we charged $600-$800, but it was rough and we learned hard lessons. Charging that amount along with transparent communication made it clear to the brides and groom that our team was new. Because of that lack of experience, we charged less than what was in the market.

My opinion, whenever purchasing anything, is you get what you paid for. Sometimes you get a deal, and you can have your cake and eat it to. As a full-time video team, we all have expenses and families, so have to charge enough to live comfortable lives while maintaining working equipment.

You will also see, if you invest in us; we invest in our community. See our videos with the Boys and Girls Club of Tucson and many other non-profit video initiatives we have had the opportunity to be a part of on our website!

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