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FAQ: What is a wedding highlight video?

The best way to explain this is by comparing a feature film. Every summer there’s a list of Hollywood blockbusters released, but leading up to this you see a snippet of the movie called a trailer. This virtually feels like you’ve seen the entire movie without every satisfying detail.

A highlight edit is much like a movie trailer, but we have the time to show every satisfying detail from the kiss to that borderline funny joke from the best man speech. You smile, laugh and cry for the very best moments of the entire wedding day.

With most of our wedding packages we offer a feature edit and a highlight as an upgraded offer. Being flexible with our wedding videos is what allows us to create spectacular videos, so at times we may have a request for only a highlight. Simply ask for a Highlight video edit instead of the feature and this will be substituted.

Some tips when having a highlight video created.

-Request music selection ahead of time. If you have a special song or tone for the video it’s important to provide that to your videographer before the wedding is filmed.

-Look at the videographers samples and videos for inspiration. If they were able to capture something before there’s a good chance they can film something similar with your wedding.

-Time is something that is precious and depending on the time of the year a videographer may be busy with several projects both wedding and other types. For this reason it is important to give at least 2-3 weeks before reaching out to the videographer. We love being contacted because it shows that you’re as excited as we are to craft the video for you. Some edits take more time than expected for a variety of reasons, but inquiring is never a problem. We typically respond within 24-48 hours once messaged.

-Request a separate link on vimeo or youtube. This is much easier to share on social media.

The highlight edit is constantly evolving as brides tastes and styles change, so be sure to provide any feedback before hiring anyone. Be sure they can create something that will fit your needs; simply communicate what you’re looking for. Keep following us as we post more about highlight videos.

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