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Color me pretty

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Color brings life to any space. 2021 brings us some color trends that will make your wedding pop while remaining chic and stylish.

2021’s biggest color trends:

Cornflower blue

While navy is a great accent, try opting for a lighter shade of blue this year. Try periwinkle or a French blue instead.


Really any shade of green will bring a sophisticated retro vibe to your big day. Pull in greens in anything from margaritas to succulents to hanging potted plants.

Bold and Bright

While not a specific color, bold and bright colors used together will be very popular this season. Think bright pinks, blues and purples together. It may not be every brides vibe but it will be a blast for the couple that pulls it off!

Oranges and Yellows

Along the same vein of the bold and bright color combinations, oranges and yellows will sure to shine at weddings and events this year. Think sunflowers, peonies and terrocata.


And for the bride who doesn’t want color, neutrals are always a beautiful and elegant option.

Whichever way you go, have fun with the color design of your big day. Pick colors that make you smile and will provide a beautiful and lively backdrop to your wedding!

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