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Cinderella's shoe

Brides, did you wear your mothers heals in your make believe weddings when you were young? I would try on the shoes my mom wore marrying my dad to strut around the house pretending to marry the neighbor boy.

Thankfully for my 4 year old ankles my mom wore cloth Mary Janes for her big day. While I may fit in to those shoes better now days, when picking out my own wedding shoes I have chosen to go a different route than my dear mother.

There are many styles of wedding shoes and various things to consider. The style and aesthetic. The venue is important. Heal hight, open toed, maybe even a boot! The options are pretty much endless. And you are able to find shoes in about as many locations as there are options of styles.

Shopping for wedding shoes is a lot of fun and take some time to look around but, if you don'f find the perfect shoe don't fret! You can design a costume pair of shoes that will fit you and your big day perfectly! If you want to design a pair of shoes for your special day, there are wedding shoe houses that help you customize the style, look, color, fabric and heel for your wedding! One of my favorite shops is Harriet Wilde. They have beautiful vibrant fabrics and so many options. They are quite amazing. Check them out for some ideas about your perfect pair!

Whatever the shoe, make sure they are comfortable and you love them. Maybe even add a sweet message on the bottom for your groom.

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