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Bigger the Hair Closer to God But Smaller the Wedding Closer to Heaven

Trying to finalize your guest list? Although large weddings may be more of the norm, there’s a lot to love about having a wedding with just a few close friends or family. Check out these top five things to love about small weddings!

Create intimate memories. If your guest list is less than 10 – heck, even less than 50 – you will get more opportunities to connect with each of your guests individually. You’ll have memories of each conversation, each tearful hug, each piece of heartfelt advice. These genuine moments will be priceless for years to come.

Focus on your marriage, not the wedding. With large weddings, what guests often remember is the fun party – but with a small wedding, the focus will be on you and your spouse. And who doesn’t want a little more attention and support on their wedding day?

No pressure to invite your Great Aunt Sally. Or whoever else you may feel pushed to invite by friends or family. If you establish from the beginning that you’re having a small wedding, you are more likely to be left alone by distant relatives – or close ones you would rather not have present – who are angling for an invitation. You get to decide exactly who you want by your side on the biggest day of your life, and that freedom can be really empowering.

Cost! No matter how you slice it, smaller weddings cost less. You can use your extra cash to use towards an amazing honeymoon, purchasing a home, or even splurging on wedding details you might have had to cut with a longer guest list – like that couture dress, luxury venue, live band, or adding a videographer to your crew.

Time to enjoy your special day with your spouse. With a smaller guest list, you won’t have to spend the whole reception making the rounds, shaking hands, giving hugs, and saying thank you. This means that you and your new spouse will get to enjoy a hot meal, help yourselves to plenty of champagne, take your time with wedding photos, and dance the night away – without feeling guilty that you are snubbing any of your guests.

Are you considering a smaller wedding after reading this list? We would love to be a part of it! Reach out today to make your wedding photo and video dreams come true.

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