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My New Obsession with the Pacific Northwest

I had never been before last year. We planned a quick weekend trip in the fall because is was a quick flight and felt like REAL travel after a year of staying home. I loved it. It was cold and rainy and I got to wear my coats. It felt like a really city with big tall buildings.

We went back for my birthday. We took a ferry like the characters in Gerys Anatomy and hiked. We wine tasted and ate amazing sea food.

And then again, I returned to Seattle in May. My best friend had recently moved to Queen Anne and I went to see her new space. We walked and talked. We ate and hiked. She showed me around her new neighborhood.

Seattle is so special. The green trees and water instantly calm me. The people are nice. The food and drink is great. If you have not been, you should put in on your list!

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